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1902 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
April So. 16d.I PATENT LrST. k 3 X V I I I . 8.-FOODS. BISVIIBAGES .wn FoonsmFm IN BRAZIL. Ud. of Triiilc J., A p r i l 10, 1903. \Villi reference to n report that uppcnrcd in thc Bonrtl of T r d c .htrttul of the Gtli ult. (tliiu .Jourunl, 1902, 441), nn nrticlc uppciirs in tlic Jorrrcd do Conirricrcio of the !st ult., from \vliicli it iippeurs tlirit the new rcgulntion, requirin:: all imported foodstuffs rind lteverriges to lie submitted to the iinnlytical tlepnrtnient lieforc cleurucicc
more » ... gb tlic Custoim, npplics to llio cle J:ineiro only, nnd ttint tlierc arc no olficinl nniilysiiig Inboratorics nt otlirr Ihzilinn ports. According to tlic Jortinl do Coniarcrcio, littlc dilliculty is csperienced in gctting foodstiiff9 niid bcvcrnges ndinittcd nt these IJOrtZ, nlthoiigli suspected urticlcs uro occnsionnlly sent to Bio for nuuly sia. SXZf.--EXPLOSI YES, MA TCLIES, EIc. EXPLOSI~ES IS JIINVS IN EXGLASD. Client. Trctdc ,J., April 5, 1902. 'J'lic IIomc Secretnry given notice tliat ho hns mude nu orcler, under section G of tho Con1 Mines &@atiou Act, 1896, tlic effect of which is to ndd two ncvy esplosives, viz., nlbioiiitc niid tirkitc, to tlic list of " permitted esplosivea." SLII~TAX 0s EsrLostrm IN ITALY. Oil. of Tratle J., April lo, 1902. The Itulinu h'olfcllitio UJ;cinle for Pchrunry Inst contnius tlia rest ofrevised rcgulrrtious, iu virtuc of which tho crteriinl iuiiutifitctnring tnx ou gi~npo\viler nnd other oxplosivcs, nnd the niirtiis on gunpowder and csplosives imported from nbrond, nre fixed ut the following rutes :-1il;is~lng powder, nncl ponder in thc form i f dust, KO lirc per 100 kilos. (11. 0s. 41f. per cwt.). Sporting powder, nnd blmting compounds, other thnu blasting powder, 125 lirc pcr 100 kilos. (01. 10s. 10d. per crt.). A11 other oxplosivcs for sporting purposes or for firenrms in gonernl, 250 lirc per 100 kilos. (81. la. 711. per cwt.). I'o\vclcr in gmnuliir form, employed in the mnnufucturc of iuiners' fuses, shnll bo entltled to clnim the rcturn of tliu difference betwceu the duty on sporting und ou blnsting powder. N.U.-In tlicso lists, [A] monaa "Application for htcnt," und [C.S.], " Coni~ilctu Spccillrntion Acccptctl." Wieru u Complcto Siiceifluition nceom~iunica 1111 Apiilicntion, nu nrtcriclk is alllxcd. Tliu dntc8 givon aro (i) iii tho cue of Applicw Lions for I'nknts, 1Iiu dntus of npplicntion. nnrl (ii) in tho ~I Y O of Coinpleto 8peCillcntioiu ricccpretl. tlioso of 1110 Olilciul Journnls in which ncccptnnrev of tho Coin~iiuto Slx%iflenLions nto iulvurliuctl. Complew Spcciflmlioiir tliua ndvcrtisod as nccctplcd nro open to inspcotiou nt tho I'ntcnt Ollica inimdiutcly. nnd to opposition within two luontiis of tlic mid datas.
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