Generating an Audio and Text for Indian Sign Language

2020 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Every normal people have the ability to observe and respond to the environment. Nearby are several unlucky persons who doesn't encompass this principal blessing. Deaf and Dumb people have to communicate with normal people, it's a challenging task. Sign Language is designed for deaf and dump people to convey message to the society. Sign Language Recognition is a technology which is used to identify human gestures with the help of Arduino uno. Gesture recognition based on the corresponding
more » ... orresponding gesture symbol produces an audio & text output. The flex sensor is used to recognize the hand gestures. Recognized gesture is transferred to the Arduino uno and the output is generated. By using these techniques we can implement an efficient audio & text output for physically challenged people. Our technology consists of glove which will be worn by dumb people to communicate with normal people. The proposed prototype could also serve as an intermediate between deaf and dump people and normal people in everyday life such as bank or post office. The output will be displayed using LCD and also produces a speech signal.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.c6542.029320 fatcat:3doexqxugja4dhaxb3rtfxm5ae