Preceramic monomers for silicon carbonitride and nitride production by means of chemical vapor deposition

O. G. Ryzhova, A. A. Grigoryev, P. А. Storozhenko, A. N. Polivanov, S. V. Zhukova, T. I. Shulyatyeva, I. A. Timofeev, Е. А. Bogachev
2012 Тонкие химические технологии  
Tris(N-methyl)trimethylcyclotrisilazane (cyclosilazane-1) and tetra(N-methyl)tetramethylcyclotetrasilazane (cyclosilazane -2), that are promising preceramic monomers for the production of oxygen-proof materials based on silicon carbonitride and nitride by СVD and CVI, were obtained through methyldichlorosilane aminolysis, isolated and characterized by 1Н, 29Si NMR and gas-liquid chromatography. The conducted research resulted in the identification of factors effecting the reaction direction.
more » ... ction direction. According to solvent nature the reaction may be directed either towards cyclosilazane-1 formation or cyclosilazane-2 formation. In terms of efficiency, that is defined as cyclosilazane-1 to cyclosilazane-2 ratio, the solvents may be arranged in the following sequence: rubber solvent > rubber solvent + DE (diethyl ether) > nefras + DE > dichloromethane + DE > benzene.
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