C. J. S. Bethune
1880 Canadian Entomologist  
Almost everyone, I imagine, has had at some time or other his wonder and curiosity excited by the strange-looking pupa of the Tomato Worm, as it is familiarly termed. It is frequently discovered when digging potatoes in the autumn, or disturbing the soil where tomatoes have been grown. This singular object, which is very correctly represented in the figure, is about two and a half inches long and half an inch diameter, of a chestnut brown color, and round in shape, tapering towards both ends ;
more » ... owards both ends ; from one end, which is the head of the specimen, there proceeds a long curved proboscis like the handle of a jug; the other end is divided into broad rings and terminates in a point.
doi:10.4039/ent12101-6 fatcat:uzpcobcjcfbbxc5xur673jldoy