Development and use of an application programming interface modified from GoogleMaps© for the georeferencing of patients with glomerular disease [letter]

Gustavo Aroca-Martínez, Santos Depine, José R Consuegra-Machado, Henry J González-Torres, Moisés Árquez-Mendoza, Erick Estrada-García
2015 Nefrología  
We observed significant differences in all measurements before and after RT. There was the increase in sCa, and decrease in sP, sALP, iPTH; iPTH level still remained above normal range. Vitamin D (25(OH)D) was within the normal range. It is worth noting that although tendency toward lowering of iPTH was noticed, increase in sCa was observed. In conclusion, based on results of our small study, withdrawal of cinacalcet therapy at the time of RT may be a risk factor for hypercalcemia in the early
more » ... cemia in the early post-transplant period, despite the improvement in iPTH level. In cases of severe SHPT in HD patients decisions on parathyroidectomy rather than cinacalcet therapy should be considered.
doi:10.3265/Nefrologia.pre2014.Oct.12736 pmid:25611844 fatcat:skptm2rdurcije4xegqneqzlu4