Study of patients with gout: clinical features in the last 2 years of monitoring
Estudio de pacientes con gota: características clínicas en los últimos 2 años de seguimiento

Antoni Sicras-Mainar, Ruth Viana Álvarez, Jordi Galera Llorca, Meritxell Granell Villalón, Ruth Navarro-Artieda
2012 Gaceta Médica de México  
to analyze the clinical characteristics of gout patients with < 3 attacks and ≥ 3 acute attacks per year. retrospective observational study carried out at 6-primary care (AP) and 2 hospitals. We included patient's ≥ 18 years during the years 2003-2007 inclusive. The study groups were: patients with 1-2 and ≥ 3 attacks/acute recurrences.The main variables: demographic, metabolic syndrome (MS), clinical features and treatment. logistic regression model, p < 0.05. 3,130 patients were included. The
more » ... were included. The mean age was 55.8 years and 81.1% were male:31.6% have ≥ 3 attacks per year. The prevalence of MS was 28.8% (CI: 27.2-30.4%) in patients with 1-2 attacks. Subjects with ≥ 3 acute attacks were associated with: MS (OR: 6.2; CI: 4.6-8.3; 65.8 vs. 11.8%), obesity (OR: 2.1; CI: 1.7-2.5;63.5 vs. 33.8%) and hypertension (OR: 1.6; CI: 1.3-1.9; 58.3 vs. 36.9%), p < 0.001; 58.4% continued to take allopurinol(50.3 vs. 62.2%; p < 0.001). patients with ≥ 3 attacks per year have a more severe disease with acute poly-articular, tophi and higher number of co-morbidities. It is important to control uric acid to reduce the recurrence of attacks in these patients.
pmid:23128886 fatcat:zmisb7r3fvbjfd2ez4nyblvs2m