A dynamic model for induced reactivation of latent virus

J. Webster-Cyriaque, H.T. Banks, H.K. Nguyen, G.M. Kepler
We develop a deterministic mathematical model to describe reactivation of latent virus by chemical inducers. This model is applied to the reactivation of latent KSHV in BCBL-1 cell cultures with butyrate as the inducing agent. Parameters for the model are first estimated from known properties of the exponentially growing, uninduced cell cultures. Additional parameters that are necessary to describe induction are determined from fits to experimental data from the literature. Our initial model
more » ... ur initial model provides good agreement with two independent sets of experimental data, but also points to the need for a new class of experiments which are required for further understanding of the underlying mechanisms.
doi:10.17615/9xsc-y521 fatcat:j7eykbzhmncrjpmwkccwkjwptu