Nilai-nilai Multikultural dalam Pendidikan Islam

Moh. Syamsi
2019 Zenodo  
Indonesia consists of diverse tribes, customs, religions, languages and cultures. This condition is one side is an invaluable treasure, on the other hand it can be counterproductive if it is not managed properly, it is very potential to cause clashes, conflicts and divisions. The emergence of radicalism and extremism which is felt lately is worrying that it will injure diversity. Conflicts in several regions indicate that the Indonesian population does not yet have a broad insight into the
more » ... sight into the cultural plurality that exists in this country. Therefore, there needs to be a deep understanding of mutual respect between various tribes, races, groups, customs and religions. An understanding that gives awareness as citizens that Indonesia is a nation with a variety of cultures, customs and religions (multicultural). An understanding of multiculturalism, namely as an intellectual social movement that carries the values and principles of difference and which emphasizes the importance of respect for different cultures. As for planting values of diversity, the most effective way is through education, in this case one of which is by applying education and instilling multicultural values to respond to cultural diversity that has not been "bridged" optimally, by changing the form of educational perspective monocultural that is full of prejudice and discriminatory toward multicultural perspectives (read: mutual recognition and respect for differences). It is intended for the creation of harmony among fellow human beings with definite differences between them. In fact, the core values of multicultural education have in common with the core values contained in the teachings of Islam related to human relations (hablun minannas). In other words, Islamic teachings outline have contained the principles put forward in multicultural education.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3375190 fatcat:xwtrmxpbj5hedolsrambxoapw4