Giant Pyocele in the Anterior Intracranial Fossa —Case Report—

Toshiyuki NAKAYAMA, Kentaro MORI, Minoru MAEDA
1998 Neurologia medico-chirurgica  
A 43-year-old male presented with headache localized in the right forehead. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a cystic mass in the frontal sinus, with a huge extension into the anterior cranial fossa. The mass was removed by transcranial surgery. The cyst contained pus . Histological examination of the cyst wall revealed mucocele (pyocele). Pyocele with huge intracranial extension is rare and requires combined neurosurgery and otolaryngology for optimum treatment .
doi:10.2176/nmc.38.499 pmid:9780649 fatcat:qj3wx2iwk5gujdezjuqqe6wtiq