Improvement Plane of the Facilities Management Manual to Prevent safety Accidents in School
학교안전사고 예방을 위한 시설관리 매뉴얼 개선방향 설정

Sang-Deok Moon, Jong-Ho Ock
2015 Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation  
1.1 배경 및 목적 최근 국내에서 발생한 대형 안전사고로 학교안전에 대한 관 심이 높아지고 있다. 하지만 이러한 관심에도 불구하고 학교 안전사고는 매년 증가하고 있으며, 학교안전공제회의 통계자 료에 따르면 2004년 29,955건에서 2014년 116,527건으로 10 년 사이 약 4배 가까이 증가하였다. 사고발생 장소를 보면, 시설물의 실내에서 발생하는 사고가 절반 가까이 차지하고 있으나 시설물의 개선은 좀처럼 이루 어지지 않고 있다(Choi et al., 2010). 학교에서 발생하는 안전사고가 미치는 영향은 각 개인 뿐만 Abstract The purpose of this study is to derive the improvement direction of school facilities management manual that is currently being used for school safety accidents prevention to provide basic
more » ... to provide basic data for future research directions for the safety of school facilities. The study was performed qualitatively through focus group interviews of facilities expert group, facility administrators group and safety researcher group, focusing on the manual of the education office in the form of a checklist. Main findings derived from the interviews are as follows: 1) Most of the manual are for visual inspections so that it may lead to cursory facility inspection and the configuration is complicated, so an integrated management system using smart devices needs to be developed. 2) Safety management training is required for facilities managers, students and school staffs. 3) It is effective for disaster accident prevention but not suitable for safety accidents that occur during school life. 4) Management of the design phase is required for prevention of school safety accidents, and safety accident management database is needed for development of the design factors that can be applied to the design development stage.
doi:10.9798/kosham.2015.15.4.13 fatcat:okpn5ppdarfmvgdgltppd2vjtm