Effect of mineral oil on flashover voltage of HTV silicone rubber under AC corona ageing: from the view of trap level distribution

Yu Yu, Ke Wang, Yan Yang, Gang Li, Guangning Wu, Jinzhong Li, Bo Gao
2020 IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution  
The flashover voltage of high temperature vulcanised (HTV) silicone rubber will be decreased after corona ageing, and it further decreases under the effect of mineral oil. The mechanisms for the phenomena can be explained by considering the role of trap level distribution. In this study, the corona ageing of silicone rubber was conducted and the flashover voltage was tested. The isothermal surface potential decay was tested to explore the internal relationship between trap distribution and
more » ... over voltage. Besides, the surface microtopography and chemical structure of silicone rubber were gained by scanning electron microscopy and Fourier infrared spectroscopy to explain the change of trap distribution. The test results show that the flashover voltage of HTV silicone rubber decreases with AC corona ageing time, the reduction of flashover voltage for an oilimpregnated sample is more serious. The density of shallow electron traps increases at first and then decreases, while the density of shallow hole traps increases with ageing time. The density of deep traps decreases after corona ageing. These trap level distribution characteristics are beneficial to promote the development of flashover, leading to lower flashover voltage. The effect of mineral oil can be regarded as an accelerated ageing effect.
doi:10.1049/iet-gtd.2020.0112 fatcat:eylf3xe7srhh7eiobqia7ma6qy