Investigation of a Rubidium Fast Ionic Conductor [Cu2 HgI4 :0.xRbI] where (x=0.1-0.3 mol. wt.%)

Noor us saba, A. Ahmad
2017 Oriental journal of physical sciences  
An investigation has been taken for the development of new Rb + ion conducting composite fast ionic systems, [Cu 2 HgI 4 :0.xRbI] (where x=0.1-0.3 mol. wt. %), were synthesized, using [Cu 2 HgI 4 ] ternary composite system as the host. [Cu 2 HgI 4 ] compound belongs to the fast ion conductors of A 2 NI 4 (A=Cu; N=Hg and X=I). As the crystal lattice amends from a tetragonal to a hexagonal structure, the compounds [Cu 2 HgI 4 ] phase also demonstrates a change near 388 K. Near 445K, [Cu 2 HgI 4 ]
more » ... 445K, [Cu 2 HgI 4 ] is substituted by an equilibrium mixture containing a-CuI and HgI 2 . Ionic conductivity increases by an order of magnitude or more at each of these phase transition. Along with the substitution of Hg ++ from Cu + in [Cu 2 HgI 4 ], there is also a slight increase in the room temperature conductivity, as a result of either increased crystalline defects or a characterized increased Rb + substitution. FTIR, FAR-IR, SEM and EDAX analyses were executed to confirm the formation of fast ion conductors [Cu 2 HgI 4 :0.xRbI] (where x=0.1-0.3 mol. wt. %).
doi:10.13005/ojps02.02.07 fatcat:jgfwwjodl5e4zjyseb6mnol33u