Microwave characteristics of organized mesoscale convection over the ocean

Leonid M. Mitnik, Maia L. Mitnik
2008 2008 Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment  
Much of the mid-and high-latitude ocean is covered with boundary-layer convective clouds, mostly arranged as open cells, closed cells, and wide-mode rolls. An open cell is typically composed of a lattice of cumuliform clouds about a cloud free center, and a closed cell is typically composed of lattice of clear air ringing a stratocumulus center. A wide-mode roll is effectively a row of stratocumulus clouds with the adjacent clear air. Cloud lines, marking horizontal roll vortices, form
more » ... ices, form initially in the developing marine atmospheric boundary layer. This phenomenon is readily observed in satellite imagery (Vel'tishchev, 1979, 1988; Agee, 1987; Young et al., 2002).
doi:10.1109/micrad.2008.4579456 fatcat:ogpgwjebynb6nh6benuyodsxve