Lithium-Bearing Tosudite

Tsutomu Nishiyama
1975 Clays and clay minerals  
Lithium-bearing tosudite was found from a brittle clayey part of the Tooho "roseki" deposit, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The chemical composition of the Li bearing tosudite was estimated as SiO2 41-60%, A120~ 36.40%, Fe203 1.82%, MgO 0.29%, CaO 0.38%, Li20 1.04%, Na20 0-14%, K20 0.38%, H20 + 11'12% and H20-6.87% from the chemical composition of a specimen with associated impurities. The Li-bearing tosudite has the regularly interstratified structure of montmorillonite and dioctahedral chlorite in
more » ... hedral chlorite in which Li is present in a gibbsite sheet as shown in the structural formula of interlayer cations Ko.t6, Nao.o9, Cao.i3 + 9"60 H20; gibbsite sheet Lil-36, Mgo.14, Feo.45, A13.59 (OH)12.oo; silicate layer A18.oo (Si13.6o, A12.4o) 040.00 (OH) 8-00. The 29-48 A reflection series of the Li-bearing tosudite moves to 31.3 ,~ after ethylene glycol treatment and to 23.3 A on heating to 500~ for 1 hr.
doi:10.1346/ccmn.1975.0230501 fatcat:q2pjee6cmff4vgykcllsvh2gda