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2016 Zanco Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences  
The present study included the identification of the histopathological effects of the ciliated protozoan, Icthyophthirius multifiliis on the gills of the goldfish Carassius auratus, collected from aquarium shop in Erbil City, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Results reveal that all infested fish showed color change of the gill filaments with white spots in different diameter. Histopathological observations reveals serious damages of primary lamella and secondary lamella include: increase in cells size
more » ... ase in cells size (hypertrophy), increase in cells number (hyperplasia), fusion of the secondary lamella and blood congestion of the base of primary lamella. In conclusion, the histopathological changes produced by I. multifiliis will eventually lead to reduced surface area for effective respiration and could lead to suffocation and death.
doi:10.21271/zjpas.28.3.4 fatcat:orjqodtlcnc5pdjow26uvycy7q