A Heavy Infection Macro-cysts of Sarcocystis Spp. Case in a Najdi Sheep at Buraidah Slaughter House, Qassim, Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Ali Al-wabel, Shawkat Mohamed Fat'hi
2020 Animal and Veterinary Sciences  
Protozoal diseases caused by Sarcocystis species can cause serious damage in sheep and goats flocks, inducing decreased growth conversion rates and partial or complete condemnation of carcasses at the slaughter house. Sarcocystis spp. affecting sheep and goats are host specific for their intermediate hosts and family specific for their final hosts. They derive their name from the intramuscular cyst stage present in the intermediate host. Objective: Macro and micro identification of macro-cysts
more » ... ion of macro-cysts of Sarcocystis spp. affecting a Najdi sheep carcass. Method: Detection of macrosarcocystis during routine post mortem examination and identification the detected cyst by histopathological investigation. Result: The macroscopic sarcocystis were found cleared and scattered in almost all skeletal muscles including shoulder, chest and diaphragm as well as thigh. Both morphological and histopathological characteristics indicated that the detected cysts may be identified as Sarcocystis gigantea. Conclusion: It is a case study of macro-cysts of Sarcocystis spp. affecting local breed of Najdi sheep. It is considered a seldom detected case all over many years during meat inspection at Buraidah slaughter house. The possible control measures are those of simple hygiene. Farm dogs should not be housed in, or allowed access to, fodder stores nor should they be allowed to defecate in pens where livestock are housed. It is also important that they are not fed uncooked meat.
doi:10.11648/j.avs.20200805.11 fatcat:3ld2ouk24bbdhgka64gca4giaq