Effect of Orally Administered Taurine on Myofibrillar Proteolysis and Expression of Proteolytic-Related Genes of Skeletal Muscle in Chicks

Kazuki Nakashima, Aiko Ishida, Masaya Katsumata
2009 The Journal of Poultry Science  
We examined the e ect of orally administration of taurine on myofibrillar proteolysis in food-deprived chicks. Chicks were food-deprived of hours (h) and then chicks were orally administered , , or mg taurine/ g body weight. Two hours after the administration, the animals were killed and gastrocnemius muscle was taken. Myofibrillar proteolysis was determined based on plasma N -methylhistidine concentrations. Expression of proteolytic-related genes in the muscle was determined by real-time PCR
more » ... by real-time PCR analysis. The administration of taurine decreased myofibrillar proteolysis, as well as the levels of mRNA expression of m-calpain, the C and C proteasomal subunits, and caspase-, whereas had no e ect on the levels of mRNA expression of ubiquitin, atrogin-/MAFbx and cathepsin B. These results indicate that oral administration of taurine suppresses myofibrillar proteolysis and the expression of proteolytic-related genes in skeletal muscle of chicks. : caspase-, m-calpain, myofibrillar proteolysis, proteasome, taurine et al.,
doi:10.2141/jpsa.46.328 fatcat:uhbdyuhvcbhahp5eyctjnu6aue