Status of Carbon Commissioning of the MedAustron Therapy Accelerator

Claus Schmitzer, Laurids Adler, Andrea De Franco, Fabio Farinon, Nadia Gambino, Greta Guidoboni, Matthias Kronberger, Christoph Kurfürst, Szymon Myalski, Sebastian Nowak, Liviu Penescu, Mauro Pivi (+4 others)
The MedAustron therapy accelerator is intended to treat cancer patients with proton and carbon beams of 62-252 MeV and 120-400 MeV respectively. The accelerator features three Supernanogan ECR ion sources, a 400 keV/u RFQ and a 7 MeV/u interdigital H-mode Linac. A middle energy beam transfer line also serves as injector into a 77m synchrotron from which the beam may be transferred to 4 different irradiation rooms, 3 of which are dedicated to medical treatment. The therapy accelerator is in
more » ... elerator is in clinical operation since end 2016 and is currently solely configured for the use of protons. The next clinical objective is to enable treatments using C⁶⁺ ions which triggered the carbon commissioning of the accelerator in 2017. This paper will discuss the latest results from carbon commissioning in the different sections of the accelerator, achieved efficiencies and outlook on future carbon activities.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2018-mopml027 fatcat:igqs7yt3fbhvrdiwnlbpjo6dlq