A Black Waxy Hybrid Corn, 'Jangsuheukchal' Suitable as a Fresh Waxy Corn with Cooking Properties of a Milled Waxy Corn

Jong-Hyeong Lee, Yong-Hee Han, Byeong-Yeoll Choi, Jung-Hee Jang, In-Tae Park, Jung Hyeun Ji, Jung-Soo Park, Hyeun-Yong Do, Sang-Wook Han, Myoung-Hoon Lee
2020 Korean Journal of Breeding Science  
Jangsuheukchal' waxy corn was developed through single-cross by Gyeonggido Agricultural Research and Extension Services in 2012. The seed parent inbred 'GMB0016' was crossed with the pollen parent inbred 'GMB0017' in 2010. 'Jangsuheukchal' took 72 days to silking, which was 4 days sooner than 'Miheukchal', and 'Jangsuheukchal' was 195 cm in height, which was 12 cm less than that of 'Miheukchal'; the occurrence of lodging was low in the new species. Among the ear characteristics, the kernel
more » ... cs, the kernel setting rate was very high (99%), and the grain pericarp thickness was slightly more than that of 'Miheukchal', but the sensory evaluation was positive because of the high amylopectin content and the fine ear appearance. The regional yield trials were conducted in four areas for two years in 2011-2012, and the density of fresh ears for 'Jangsuheukchal' was determined as 62,280 ears/ha, which was 6% higher than that of 'Miheukchal', but the weight of the fresh ears was 9,178 kg/ha, which was 17% lighter than its counterpart. In order to diversify the use of fresh waxy corn, the cooking properties of milled waxy corns were investigated and compared to 'Mibaek2', which was the main cultivar in Gyeonggido province in 2018. The grain yield per ha of 'Jangsuheukchal' was 5,600 kg, which was 12% less than that of 'Mibaek2', but after harvesting fresh ears, the grain yield per ha was 1,060 kg, which was 10.6 times more than the known cultivar. In addition, compared to 'Mibaek2', 'Jangsuheukchal' showed excellent processing characteristics in the cooking properties for milled kernels because of its light 100-seed weight, low protein content, and high starch content. Therefore, we report 'Jangsuheukchal' as a new variety, suitable for use as a fresh corn and possessing the cooking properties of milled kernels (Registration No. 6065).
doi:10.9787/kjbs.2020.52.4.495 fatcat:iupl2vh5yvcyhacjqluphxqp4y