1843 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
This is a small work, on a small science, by a pair of small writers. The science, displayed in its pages, can be characterized by no other word than that so often used by tbe founder of the system-infinitesimal ; and were we disposed to show with how small an amount of brains this world of bipeds may be doctored, as well as " governed," we should doubtless point to the authors of this " Manual " in illustration of our meaning. The preface is taken up with showing that no dependence whatever
more » ... endence whatever can be placed upon Jahr's " New Manual of Homoeopathic Medicine," as translated-a fact which was pretty well understood already ; but its worthlessness is not occasioned by the errors of the translator, but owing to the circumstance that it is a pure work of fiction ; it not even possessing the merit, which many such works have, namely, that of being founded on fact. In proof of our assertion, we need only refer to the articles " Actea," p. 23, with its six closely-printed pages of symptoms ; "Aquilegia," p. 61, with its three pages of symptoms ; '•' Chenopodium, p. 140, with its five pages ; and " Nigella," p. 253, with its five pages, also, of all the symptoms and combinations of symptoms, which the imagination could possibly conceive, with many others ; for who could have believed that Jahr himself allows that the symptoms under these and many other articles, have all been "forged." In his preface to his " New Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia and Posology," translated by Dr. Kitchin, of Philadelphia (page 14), Jahr remarks, " we have not hesitated to give admission to the medicines of which Dr. Fickel (Heyne, Hoffbaner, &tc.) has published the imaginary or forged Pathogenetic effects ; for how ridiculous soever it might have been to admit them into the materia medica," &c. After enumerating nine different articles, and some of them those on which the homoeopathic prescribers have hitherto chiefly relied, he adds, " all that has been published on these substances, in the French homoeopathic journals, should be totally rejected, since they are but the translations of erroneous publications, as above mentioned." This precious confession furnishes a clue to one of the mysteries connected with this occult art. Many persons have wondered how it was that so many thousands of the most violent symptoms could be produced by some of the most inert substances, many of which are not known to produce any effects whatever, in any appreciable dose; why, for example, . simple carbonate of lime could produce six pages of symptoms-charcoal as many more-sponge, silex and sulphur, each, as many more, &ic. ; the secret, however, is now revealed-these German transcendentalists have been amusing themselves by drawing up imaginary systems of materia medica, and fools or knaves enough have been found, who were willing to take their systems upon trust, without so much as putting a single article to the test of actual trial, on a person in a state of health ; although a mite of common sense would have shown these gentry that there was not, and could not be, a single well-established fact in the whole farrago
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