Potentiometric acidity determination in humic substances influenced by different analytical procedures

Andreia N. Fernandes, Cristiano Giacomelli, Marcelo Giovanela, Denise O. Vaz, Bruno Szpoganicz, Maria M. D. Sierra
2009 Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society  
Carboxylic (CA), phenolic (PhA) and total (TA) acidity contents of five International Humic Substances Society (IHSS) standards and four model compounds were determined via the potentiometric titration method. Titration curves were scrutinized both by the BEST7 algorithm and the modified Henderson-Hasselbalch model (MHHM). In the case of IHSS samples, the fitting data depended on the analytical procedure undertaken. Whilst high CA and low PhA were usually recorded using the MHHM, the opposite
more » ... HHM, the opposite trend was observed employing the BEST7 algorithm. In contrast, in the case of model compounds the acidity values matched well with theoretical data regardless of the procedure. In order to better understand the reasons for such discrepancies changes in the titrations procedure (e.g.: fast or slow) were also considered. General data strongly suggest that acidity determination of humic substances (HS) by potentiometric methods is extremely dependent on both the choice of mathematical model to fit experimental data points as well as the experimental conditions employed.
doi:10.1590/s0103-50532009000900021 fatcat:mijbkqovbnewvhvpfhonfqciru