Synthesis of 3-Phenyl-4[4-(m-nitrophenyl)-N-2-(2'-arylureido / arylthioureido-4'-N-morpholino-s-triazin)-benzo-[6,7]-coumarins and their Applicatiions

J. P. Raval, K. R. Desai
2004 E-Journal of Chemistry  
Several 3 – phenyl – 4 [4-(m– nitrophenyl) –N– 2 - (2'-arylureido /arylthioureido - 4'-N-morpholino-s-triazin)-benzo-(6,7)-coumarins were prepared using 2-(m–nitrophenyl)-3-hydroxy naphthalene, cyanuric chloride, morpholine and various aryl – ureas / aryl – thioureas derivatives to give desired compound. The structures of the compounds were confirmed by elemental analysis and spectral analysis. The antibacterial activities of these compounds have been screened and were also applied as
more » ... pplied as Flourescent Brighteners on Polyester fabrics.
doi:10.1155/2004/873425 fatcat:zzckh5ialbadthvnygayskp43e