Genome specificity of primers to puroindoline genes

O. I. Sozinova, N. A. Kozub, I. A. Sozinov, Ya. B. Blume
2018 Faktori eksperimentalʹnoï evolûcìï organìzmìv  
Aim. Genome specificity of primers for amplification of complete coding sequences of puroindoline genes was studied. Methods. PCR with gene-specific primers was performed for amplification of puroindoline genes of wheat and related species. Results. The primer pair designated PinaDH is not gene-specific as it yields two products of amplification of the genes Pina-1 and Gsp-1. This primers pair is not specific for the Pina-1 gene of the genome V of D. villosum. The primer pairs designated PinaCM
more » ... s designated PinaCM and Pinb are gene-specific as they produce one amplification product of respective length. We have demonstrated that the PinaCM primer pair is also specific for the genomes D, E and V, and the Pinb primer pair is not specific for the genome V. Conclusions. Gene and genomic specificity of primers for puroindoline genes was refined. Primers suitable for further direct sequencing of coding parts of puroindoline genes of wheat and related species were chosen. Keywords: puroindoline, Triticum aestivum, Aegilops, Dasypyrum, genome specificity.
doi:10.7124/feeo.v22.947 fatcat:5oi4vtob6ffa7kzkp2legvccna