Poster Walk: Ablation, Pacing and Defibrillation I

SSCSSCS Annual Meeting
2019 Cardiovascular Medicine  
Pacing leads remain the weak link of current pacemaker systems. Various differences in design and material exist among companies. Lead performance is mainly assessed via post-marketing studies of the manufacturing companies. Reliable independent reports are rare. We aimed to study the early and long-term performance of the Microport (formerly Sorin/Livanova) Beflex and Vega leads at our centre, for which a lead survival >99% at 3 years has been reported by the company. Method: In this single
more » ... : In this single centre, retrospective study we analysed the performance of all right ventricular Microport pacemaker leads implanted at our centre between January 2014 and January 2018. Only first pacemaker implants were considered. Lead failure was defined as any lead issue requiring reintervention during follow-up (dislocation, perforation, electrical abnormalities such as lead noise or excessively high thresholds). Results: A total of 271 Microport right ventricular pacing leads were implanted (233 Beflex and 38 Vega leads). Mean patient age was 76 years (66% men). Dual chamber pacemakers were implanted in 162 patients (60%) and single chamber in 109 (40%). Mean threshold at implant was 0.6V @ 0.5ms (range 0.3-1.2V), mean R wave 13.2 mV (range 1.5-30mV) and mean impedance 816 Ohm (range 469-1639 Ohm). Patients without available follow-up information were excluded (N=18, 6.6%). The remaining 253 patients (93.3%) were analysed. Cardiovascular Medicine · PDF of the online version · Published under the copyright license "Attribution -Non-Commercial -No Derivatives 4.0". No commercial reuse without permission. See
doi:10.4414/cvm.2019.02049 fatcat:h5o2rwubo5dnfmmwksngvtr2ky