S. P. Langley
1881 Science  
of Harvard College Ooservatory, shows that the Observatory has been tin a miost prosperous condition during the past yeaer, and if the saame financial support is texten(le(d to it InI the future that has been so geinerotisly offeredI in the Ipst few yeari, it will he en-ibled to rctain its place, inferior to no other Ohsivclatory in the country. T'he work carric( on at the C-tnbii(dge Observ;atory consists of observations with the 15i5n. EqILuttorial, with the Mlcridian Circle andMNNeridiall
more » ... e andMNNeridiall P'hotot;iter, togethier withi the attid(l;iiit re(luctions; and( in the distriuution of timiie-
doi:10.1126/science.os-2.29.11 pmid:17832874 fatcat:mvksxlmotzgoblpcvfspueonvm