Clinical Experience with Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene Sheet Used as an Artificial Dura Mater

Sen YAMAGATA, Kazuo GOTO, Yoshifumi ODA, Haruhiko KIKUCHI
1993 Neurologia medico-chirurgica  
Dural repair using chemically treated cadaveric dura mater often results in atrophic and fragile change of the substitute as well as adhesion between the dura mater and brain surface at reoperation. Creutz feldt-Jakob disease has occurred after repair using cadaveric dura mater. Expanded polytetrafluoro ethylene (EPTFE) surgical sheet was used for dural repair in 34 patients. Suturing of EPTFE was easy and the incidence of cerebrospinal fluid accumulation in the epidural space was the same as
more » ... e was the same as when cadaveric dura mater was used. Six patients underwent reoperation, 1-15 months after the first operation. At reoperation the EPTFE sheet showed no change except for becoming transparent, and the strength was well preserved. A very thin layer of granulation tissue was formed between the EPTFE sheet and brain surface, but the EPTFE sheet was easily detached from the brain surface without adhesion even 15 months after the first operation. Our results suggest that the EPTFE sheet can be used safely and effectively as an artificial dura mater.
doi:10.2176/nmc.33.582 pmid:7692335 fatcat:ixogbcl3ffdcbairepjow6aypi