Covid 19 Vaccine - boon or a bane?

ravinder kasturi
2020 Perspectives In Medical Research  
The global struggle against corona virus disease 2019(COVID19) is now in its 8th month since the pandemic virus SARS –COV2 has first emerged.The severe economic,personal and psychological adverse effects of shutdowns and social distancing make these effective preventive measures challenging to sustain long term.Safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine could lead to a level of global immunity that stops the pandemic.This is the anti COVID-19 intervention most public health leaders and many people
more » ... and many people long for the most. As of August 2020,there were 231 vaccine candidatesin development although no vaccine has completed clinical trials to prove its safety and efficacy.1 26 vaccine candidates are in clinical trials with 20 still in phase l-ll and 6 beginning phase lIl2 among which three are Chinese COVID-19 vaccines (inactivated virus based) from Sinovac/Institute Butantan, Wuhan institute of biological products/sinopharm and beijing institute of biological products/sinopharm,the other three leading candidates are developed by oxford/astrazeneca(modified adenovirus vector),moderna/NIAID(mRNA based) and Bio-N tech/Fosun pharma/Pfizer (mRNA based) WHO however warned "entering phase lll doesn't mean nearly there" as there is no guarantee that any of these six will give us the answer. Sputnik 5 Russian based COVID-19 vaccine (adeno based) is a medical coup,a propaganda coup,a political and marketing coup.Phase l/ll trials are inadequate to prove it's efficacy and safety because of three reasons 1) it was tested only on 76 people 2 it is a two dose vaccine but in phase l/ll only one dose was given 3 it's phase l/ll results were not published therefore not peer reviewed.3 India based Bharath biotech(inactivated virus based)/ zydus cadila( DNA based) vaccine trials demonstrated an encouraging safety profile in phase l and moved to phase ll
doi:10.47799/pimr.0802.02 fatcat:xmhb5u54fbhsbajjqnjkntmrlq