The resource-constrained modulo scheduling problem: an experimental study

Maria Ayala, Abir Benabid, Christian Artigues, Claire Hanen
2012 Computational optimization and applications  
In this paper, we focus on the resource-constrained modulo scheduling problem, a general periodic scheduling problem, abstracted from the problem solved by compilers when optimizing inner loops at instruction level for VLIW parallel processors. Heuristic solving scheme have been proposed since many years to solve this problem, among which the decomposed software pipeling method. In this method, a cyclic scheduling problem ignoring resource constraints is first considered and a so-called legal
more » ... timing of the operations is issued. Second, a standard acyclic problem, taking this retiming as input, is solved through list scheduling techniques. In this paper, we propose an hybrid approach, which uses the decomposed software pipeling method to obtain a good retiming. Then the obtained retiming is used to build an Integer Linear Programming formulation of reduced size, which allows to solve it exactly. Experimental results show that a lot more problems are solved with this new approach. The gap to the optimal solution is really small (0 or 1%) on all the tested problem instances.
doi:10.1007/s10589-012-9499-2 fatcat:qdm65soz5zbbzbnd2pxmqhg5ly