Chlorophyll and carbohydrates in Arachis pintoi plants under influence of water regimes and nitrogen fertilization

Rita Manuele Porto Sales, Daniela Deitos Fries, Aureliano José Vieira Pires, Paulo Bonomo, Iasminy Silva Santos, Cleide Nascimento Campos, Paulo Henrique Rodrigues Brito, Mateus Santos Brito
2013 Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia  
In this experiment the chlorophyll and carbohydrate contents of Arachis pintoi were evaluated to verify if the presence of nitrogen in the soil could contribute to the effectiveness of the establishment of this legume. The design was completely randomized, in a 4 × 4 factorial arrangement, with four N rates (0, 40, 80 and 120 kg ha -1 ) and four irrigation levels (25, 50, 75 and 100% of field capacity), with four replications. The biochemical evaluations of chlorophylls a and b and total
more » ... b and total chlorophyll and total soluble sugars, sucrose and starch were performed. The highest contents of chlorophyll a and b and total chlorophyll in leaves were found at the dose of 120 kg ha -1 . The water regime of 25% of field capacity was responsible for the lowest content of reducing sugars and total soluble sugars in leaves, stolons and roots. In the roots, the sucrose contents were higher in these conditions, which can be associated with a slight tolerance of the plant to water stress. The water deficiency was responsible for the decrease of reducing sugars and total N in the whole plant and positively influenced the levels of chlorophyll and sugars in the stolon, promoting growth, especially of shoots, at the beginning of establishment.
doi:10.1590/s1516-35982013000600002 fatcat:ddl4epc4nvckphsc5iwsa6qhry