Systems medicine, an approach in a framework to guide development of preventative, diagnostic and treatment methods for Covid-19 and other complex or novel diseases

Xiao-Xue Zeng
The Covid-19 has plunged the world into a pandemic where there is no specific cure yet. Scientists around the world are researching and running trials to find highly effective prevention methods and cure. There are three major existing medical approaches which have developed systematic methods to diagnose ,prevent and treat diseases , the TCM, evidence based medicine and systems medicine which are practiced worldwide,.This paper aims to discuss how the approaches have contributed to developing
more » ... uted to developing therapeutics for Covid-19 so far, which could also guide the development of future preventative, diagnostic and treatment methods for Covid-19 and other diseases. Systems medicine is the relative novel research paradigm established on the basis of an entire system (individualized) to view the human body in an whole systemic picture, implementing the integrated approach of systems biology and synthetic Biology coupled models,whereas precision medicine is the clinical mode of systems medicine, also acting as the personalized and translational medicine research model. The systems medicine approach highlight on the analysis of the etiology of the patient's disease, stresses on analyzing the individual's psychosomatic relationship, physique, gene diversity, and focuses on the overall effect caused by the complex relations or molecular interactions between diseases, making use of advanced technologies including computational simulation ,virtual reality, 3D printing technology, cell engineering treatment method and tissue regeneration in prevention, making diagnoses and providing treatments for diseases.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.13325270.v1 fatcat:h5fz2z4oefeqpo66lj4y74am6q