A Fast Epipolar Line Matching Method Based on 3D Spherical Panorama

Shuai Liu, Jun Chen, Min Sun, Lingli Zhao, Xiang Wei
2019 IEEE Access  
A fast epipolar line matching method based on 3D spherical panorama is proposed in this paper in order to overcome the low automation degree of feature matching in applying the 3D panoramic model measurement. First, the search scope of panoramic image matching was restricted from 2D to 1D strip-shaped buffer zone through the epipolar constraints. The search scope was further refined using color invariant correlation coefficient. Finally, a matching calculation model was constructed based on
more » ... ructed based on features to complete the panoramic feature matching. The experiment verified the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed method in reducing the mismatching of spherical panoramic features. The proposed method also effectively solved the automatic search for corresponding points and resolved geometric information. The findings help lay a solid foundation for the resampling and measurement of the panoramic measurement model and the generation of depth maps. INDEX TERMS CSIFT, color invariant, epipolar line, image matching, spherical projective geometry.
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2961184 fatcat:s7wufju2x5drzhc66wabqgmbsq