Pharmacy Club: A Model for Organizing a Regular Forum for Science and Research Communication in Higher Education Institutions in Resource-Limited Settings [post]

Sahar A Alrayah, Abdelrahim M Mahjob, Azza A Abuelgasim, Bashier Osman, Rehab Ahmed
2020 unpublished
BackgroundExtracurricular academic activities such as journal clubs are extremely important for research education, professional development, science communication and discussion. Yet, they are lacking in countries with short and limited resources such as Sudan. Pharmacy club is a platform set to meet some of the need to those activities. The aim of this work is to describe how this club came forth, the activities presented thus far in the club, present feedback from the participants and share
more » ... icipants and share some lessons drawn over the years.MethodsWe started Pharmacy Club late in 2012 as a platform where basic and clinical research and other topics related to the field of pharmacy are shared and discussed publicly with everyone interested. We analysed the Pharmacy Club data archive which contains details of the lectures and activities organized from 2012 to 2020. A questionnaire was designed and sent to the participants in November 2019. Analysis and description are performed using Microsoft office excel 2019.ResultsPharmacy Club has organized more than hundred extracurricular lectures through complete voluntary work. Analysis of Pharmacy Club's archive revealed prominent diversities in many aspects related to the type of topics presented, and presenters' background, nationalities (12% international presenters), affiliations, and academic qualifications. Questionnaire results highlight the importance of using different advertisement strategies to reach out to the people. Among other reasons that deter folks to participate regularly, timing of the events as expected is the main challenge.ConclusionThere is a need for fora in the third world academic institutions where research and scientific topics could be shared among the like-minded fellows. Pharmacy club is a model of this fora with almost 8 years of voluntary and free service and many lessons can be drawn from its experience.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:i3usd7xuqfat5alxaaj4pj7bim