Budget situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, with emphasis on the separation of powers

Manuchehr Tavassoli Naini
2018 Faṣlnāmah-i Pizhūhish-i Huqūq-i ̒Umūmī  
One of the ways to protect the public Interests is aimed to the preparation, approval and implementation of the national budget as the most important financial document of country. In this study the main question about budget is that in respect to different Methods of separation of powers in 57 principle of constitution and existence of other effective institutions in it, is there balance in preparation and approval process of budget law in the Islamic Republic of Iran of or not? This research
more » ... as discussed the question with descriptive and analytical method. It seems no matter what the powers of absolute supreme leader in this respect, the balance in favor of the legislature and the Guardian Council has been established as a special favor. It's necessary to define the limits of other institutions in constitutional of the Islamic Republic of Iran in respect to budget approval or effective decisions on country public budget.
doi:10.22054/qjpl.2018.10188.1241 doaj:b25dcc1ac5e04854b8a96bd165a4ee9b fatcat:5g5jd4gixfhipgzsbb55fgi2o4