Enophthalmos secondary to an orbital varix
Enoftalmos unilateral por várice orbitaria

Ricardo J Smith, Natalia S Balbo, María J Lahoz Ibaceta
2014 Medicina (Buenos Aires)  
The enophthalmos is a rare cause of consultation in medical practice. The majority of cases are due to orbital space enlargement of traumatic origin. We report the case of a 63 year old patient with progressive enophthalmos of the left eye, with twelve years of evolution. Ophthalmologic examination revealed the presence of a marked enophthalmos on the left side, which improved significantly with Valsalva maneuvers. A CT scan and an MRI of the orbit allowed diagnosing uncomplicated orbital
more » ... cated orbital varices. Orbital varices are rare and usually manifest by episodes of intermittent exophthalmos. However, on rare occasions, repeated distension and collapse can lead to progressive enophthalmos by orbital fat atrophy.
pmid:24736258 fatcat:z32aln7oazdifoxy7sjvd5t33q