Refractive-Index Profile Reconstruction in Graded-Index Polymer Optical Fibers Using Raman Spectroscopy

Mikel Azkune, Angel Ortega-Gomez, Igor Ayesta, Joseba Zubia
2020 Materials  
This work reports a novel method to create a 3D map of the refractive index of different graded-index polymer optical fibers (GI-POF), measuring the Raman spectra at different points of their transverse sections. Raman fingerprints provide accurate molecular information of the sample with high spatial resolution. The refractive index of GI-POFs is modified by adding a dopant in the preform; therefore, by recording the intensities of the Raman peaks related to the dopant material, a 3D map of
more » ... ial, a 3D map of the refractive index is rendered. In order to demonstrate the usefulness of the method, three different GI-POFs were characterized and the obtained results were compared with the information provided by the manufacturers. The results show accurate 3D maps of the refractive index taken in the actual GI-POF end faces, showing different imperfections that manufacturers do not take into account, such as the slight deviations of the azimuthal symmetry. The simplicity and the feasibility of the technique mean this method has high potential for fiber characterization purposes.
doi:10.3390/ma13102251 pmid:32422861 fatcat:og3dbpc53fbjrfbvzkbk2tvgze