Somaclonal variation: a morphogenetic and biochemical analysis of Mandevilla velutina cultured cells

M. Maraschin, J.A. Sugui, K.V. Wood, C. Bonham, D.F. Buchi, M.P. Cantao, S.G. Carobrez, P.S. Araujo, M.L. Peixoto, R. Verpoorte, J.D. Fontana
2002 Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research  
Cell cultures of Mandevilla velutina have proved to be an interesting production system for biomass and secondary metabolites able to inhibit the hypotensive activity of bradykinin, a nonapeptide generated in plasma during tissue trauma. The crude ethyl acetate extract of cultured cells contains about 31-to 79-fold more potent anti-bradykinin compounds (e.g., velutinol A) than that obtained with equivalent extracts of tubers. Somaclonal variation may be an explanation for the wide range of
more » ... wide range of inhibitor activity found in the cell cultures. The heterogeneity concerning morphology, differentiation, carbon dissimilation, and velutinol A production in M. velutina cell cultures is reported. Cell cultures showed an asynchronous growth and cells in distinct developmental stages. Meristematic cells were found as the major type, with several morphological variations. Cell aggregates consisting only of meristematic cells, differentiated cells containing specialized cell structures such as functional chloroplasts (cytodifferentiation) and cells with embryogenetic characteristics were observed. The time course for sucrose metabolism indicated cell populations with significant differences in growth and metabolic rates, with the highest biomass-producing cell line showing a cell cycle 60% shorter and a metabolic rate 33.6% higher than the control (F 2 cell population). MALDI-TOF mass spectrometric analysis of velutinol A in selected cell lines demonstrated the existence of velutinol A producing and nonproducing somaclones. These results point to a high genetic heterogeneity in general and also in terms of secondary metabolite content.
doi:10.1590/s0100-879x2002000600002 pmid:12045827 fatcat:uyj5a4s23zbmfb2kxeomxx5aoi