Trigeminal Neuralgia aches (TN) therapy with peripheral nerves signal actuation (PNS)

Samaneh Haji Mohammad Bagher, Fatemeh Mehrabi
2020 Zenodo  
For people with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), It is a non-invasive advantage to use the peripheral nerves signal actuation (PNS) via skin and it is suitable even for people who suffering from the periodic Trigeminal nerve headaches with less intensity. It is a technical challenge to non-invasive cranial nerves actuation or nerves actuation through the head's skin because it is hard to patients and makes a lot of pain for them. These nerves actuation increase endorphin generation, as a result, the
more » ... , as a result, the patient's pain tolerance limit will increase and this will prevent ache entry to neural system. This study is a clinical trial and the method is parallel trial that implemented on 50 hospitalization patients on neurology department of a hospital in Tehran. In this study, the pain intensity will be review and comparison on three modes; without electrical signal actuation; with low frequency electrical signal actuation (5Hz); and with high frequency electrical signal actuations (100Hz). There are one-way ANOVA (one way variance analysis), TUKEY and DUNNETT statistics tests to compare severity of pain average in several modes. The results showed significant differences between the patients who used peripheral nerves actuation (PNS) via skin before their headache or during headache (P<0.08) as the minimum pain, when use the high frequency electrical signal and maximum pain is without using of electrical signal actuations. But there are no significant differences in pain intensity when use the low frequency electrical signal actuations. Conclusion: Electrical signal actuation on Trigeminal Neuralgia in pain therapy is capable to makes so precise electrical impulses that can start an action potential with low simulant effects on Cranium (PERIOSTEUM) in nerves. Therefore, the patient can tolerant it and feel no pain.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3987547 fatcat:lse6pxtl6bdedfht7xv2jkmole