Numerical Experiment of Land and Sea Breeze Circulation with Undulating Orography

Ken Sahashi
1981 Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan  
A new mathematical model of the two-dimensional atmospheric boundary layer over undulating terrain is presented. Neither the hydrostatic assumption nor the Bousinesque assumption need to be introduced in this model. The system of equation is described with orthogonal curvilinear coordinates, and one of the axes (*) coincides with the undulating ground surface. Then, the system of equations are expanded in the Fourier series of and the time, following the spectral method. In this way, the
more » ... his way, the equations can be reduced to a system of second order simultaneous ordinary differential equations. The advantages of the model are as follows: (1) easy application to an arbitrarily undulating ground surface, (2) the possibility of a precise discussion about a phenomenon with an appreciable vertical acceleration like a sea breeze front and (3) the elimination of computational instability in the solutions by wave number truncation. An example of the calculated result for land and sea breeze circulation with our model suggests that the model could be used in a study of the other orographic environment.
doi:10.2151/jmsj1965.59.3_361 fatcat:dqyyay3jfbdhdltfpez4m5c4qe