Conodont biostratigraphy of the Nalai section (Guangxi) and new data on the age of the Zdimir beds in South China

J. Lu, J.I. Valenzuela-Rios, X. Chen, J.C. Liao
2017 Bulletin of Geosciences  
The conodont biostratigraphy of the lower part of the Beiliu Formation at the Nalai, Guangxi is described. The association of Polygnathus serotinus, P. cooperi cooperi, P. cracens, P. linguiformis bultyncki and Bipennatus cf. B. montensis indicates that this stratigraphic interval, in which one Zdimir bed crops out, can be assigned to the serotinus Zone. Bipennatus cf. B. montensis, which closely resembles B. montensis from the Eifelian costatus Zone, is recorded from a relatively lower level
more » ... ively lower level in the Emsian serotinus Zone. The stratigraphic distribution of Zdimir in South China is further reviewed at seven sections where abundant specimens of Zdimir have been reported. Several Zdimir beds which were previously correlated with the patulus Zone are assigned to the serotinus Zone herein. The zonal correlation of these seven sections suggests that the Zdimir beds in South China belong to the serotinus Zone and to the partitus Zone. •
doi:10.3140/bull.geosci.1660 fatcat:wmpzbqyb5ffz3lcrn7iryrqdeu