Solving optimal generation scheduling problem of microgrid using teaching learning based optimization algorithm

Surender Reddy Salkuti
2020 Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  
<p>This paper proposes a new optimal scheduling methodology for a Microgrid (MG) considering the energy resources such as diesel generators, solar photovoltaic (PV) plants, wind farms, battery energy storage systems (BESSs), electric vehicles (EVs) and demand response (DR). The penetration level of renewable and sustainable energy resources (i.e., wind, solar PV energy, geothermal and ocean energy) in power generation systems is increasing. In this work, the EVs and storage are used as flexible
more » ... re used as flexible DR sources and they can be combined with DR to improve the flexibility of MG. Various uncertainties exist in the MGs due to the intermittent/uncertain nature of renewable energy resources (RERs) such as wind and solar PV power outputs. In this paper, these uncertainties are modeled by using the probability analysis. In this paper, the optimal scheduling problem of MG is solved by minimizing the total operating cost (TOC) of MG. The TOC minimization objective is formulated by considering the cost due to power exchange between main grid and MG, diesel generators, wind, solar PV units, EVs, BESSs, and DR. The successful implementation of optimal scheduling of MG requires the widespread use of demand response and EVs. In this paper, teaching-learning-based optimization (TLBO) algorithm is used to solve the proposed optimization problem. The simulation studies are performed on a test MG by considering all the components of MG.</p>
doi:10.11591/ijeecs.v17.i3.pp1632-1638 fatcat:elhbakf6yfb4fbvfo23wgwl2fm