Practice variation in the structure of stroke rehabilitation in four rehabilitation centres in the Netherlands

I Groeneveld, J Meesters, H Arwert, N Roux-Otter, G Ribbers, C Bennekom, P Goossens, T Vlieland
2016 Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine  
Objective: To describe practice variation in the structure of stroke rehabilitation in 4 specialized multidisciplinary rehabilitation centres in the Netherlands. Design and methods: A multidisciplinary expert group formulated a set of 23 elements concerning the structure of inpatient and outpatient stroke rehabilitation, categorized into 4 domains: admission-related (n = 7), treatment-related (n = 10), client involvement-related (n = 2), and facilitiesrelated (n = 4). In a cross-sectional study
more » ... oss-sectional study in 4 rehabilitation centres data on the presence and content of these elements were abstracted from treatment programmes and protocols. In a structured expert meeting consensus was reached on the presence of practice variation per element. Results: Practice variation was observed in 22 of the 23 structure elements. The element "strategies for patient involvement" appeared similar in all rehabilitation centres, whereas differences were found in the elements regarding admission, exclusion and discharge criteria, patient subgroups, care pathways, team meetings, clinical assessments, maximum time to admission, aftercare and return to work modules, health professionals, treatment facilities, and caregiver involvement. Conclusion: Practice variation was found in a wide range of aspects of the structure of stroke rehabilitation.
doi:10.2340/16501977-2054 pmid:26843457 fatcat:bwmqbspsafdvfalrzr3rjf7bwe