Human Health Manager of of Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Or-ganisation (AREEO)

Tehran, Iran, S Forghani, Tehran, Iran, S Haghighi
2004 unpublished
Razi vaccine and serum research Institute is known as the oldest and biggest manufacturer of the livestock vaccines. This Institute has an important role in general hygiene and public health. In the ground of customer satisfaction, offering of high quality products and establishment of ISO system in Razi Institute, we accomplished farmer´s satisfaction and their attitude about RAZI Brucellosis , Anthrax and FMD Vaccines in five provinces : Tehran, Alborz, East Azarbaijan , Esfehan and Khorasan
more » ... fehan and Khorasan Razavi. Data collection was done with researcher-made questionnaire .Content validity was confirmed by specialists and internal reliability of the questionnaire was determined by Alfa coronbagh coefficient in a pilot study. Satisfaction and attitude were evaluated in two forms of quantitative and ordinal qualitative variables. Satisfaction was evaluated ineffectiveness, safety and acceptability items. Farmers were selected in the form of available sampling from industrial cattle with more than 100 cows. 428 farmers were enrolled. Farmers´meanFarmers´mean satisfaction level was 80.6± 11.2 and satisfaction level about availability of the vaccine was higher than the other area, so that 86% of participating ranchers had desirable satisfaction level of access fields. 94% of participants had total positive attitude regarding to the livestock vaccination. Attitude and Satisfaction level of farmers about safety of these studied livestock vaccines was less than the other fields.