The Concept of Suitability of Staff to Work with Confidential Information on the Basis of Personal Qualities

2017 Vestnik policii  
Now in one of the existing international and domestic standards on information security as security vulnerabilities not mentioned personal qualities of staff and are not defined as methods of their evaluation. Meanwhile, the personal qualities included in the structure of professional competence of a specialist of any profile, and they constitute the essence of the concept "human factor", which is often the cause of loss and leakage of proprietary information. This article raises the question
more » ... ises the question of the impact of human factors on information security for the organization and the need for analytical work with staff before admission to confidential information, as well as when applying for a job. The author emphasizes that the importance of personal characteristics is not inferior to the importance of professional competence, if we are talking about information security. In the article the author identifies the reasons for the negative impact on information security from staff, determines the most dangerous from the point of view of information security the personal characteristics of staff as the reasons for the negative impact on information security, and examines methods and tools for assessing personal qualities of personnel and carrying out analytical work.
doi:10.13187/vesp.2017.1.35 fatcat:nzzevfogizg3zdzqbir4n5luju