MOESM1 of Genomic meta-analysis of the interplay between 3D chromatin organization and gene expression programs under basal and stress conditions

Idan Nurick, Ron Shamir, Ran Elkon
2018 Figshare  
Additional file 1: Table S1. Hi-C datasets. Table S2. Encode ChIP-seq data included in our analyses (122 TFs profiled in cell lines with Hi-C data). Table S3. Enrichment of CTCF binding sites for the A compartmentalization. Table S4A. Enrichment of cell-type-specific H3K9ac events for cell-type-specific A compartment over B compartment. Table S4B. Enrichment of cell-type-specific H3K27me3 events for cell-type-specific B compartment over A compartment. Table S5. Preference of induced TF binding
more » ... induced TF binding sites and epigenetic marks to the A compartment. Table S6. Binding site induction and compartmentalization in two cell lines under the same treatment, for a particular TF. Table S7. Preference of induced genes to the A compartment. Table S8. Promoters of induced genes are involved, in basal condition, in higher numbers of chromatin interactions. Table S9. Preference of cell-type-specific induced genes to cell-type-specific A compartment.
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