The Spatial Communication Between Chinese Teachers and Students in High-Context Class

YANG Ren-ying
2020 Sino-US English Teaching  
According to Edward T. Hall, communication is the core of culture, and the use of space or distance plays a key role as a significant cultural factor in the interpersonal relationship. However, as a hidden dimension, it is often out of people's awareness. This paper aims to explore how Chinese teachers and students respond to each other and their surroundings in the use of space. In addition, considering that China falls into a typical high-context culture, this paper expects to make out the
more » ... to make out the impacts of high-context culture on the use, perception, and sense of the space in the interaction. The study of classroom space will, to a degree, contribute to establishing the relationship of mutual trust and harmony, which is helpful to the teaching and learning.
doi:10.17265/1539-8072/2020.03.005 fatcat:dzbfml5js5h5nng7pv3uypzcgu