Electrochemical Reduction of Oxygen and Nitric Oxide on Mn-Based Perovskites with Different A-Site Cations

K. Kammer Hansen
2020 International Journal of Electrochemistry  
Four LnMnO3+δ (Ln = La, Pr, Sm, and Gd) perovskites were synthesized and characterized by powder XRD. It was shown that the perovskite lattice became more and more distorted when lowering the size of the A-site cation. The manganite-based perovskites were evaluated for the ability to electrochemically reduce oxygen and nitric oxide in the temperature range of 200 to 400°C. At the lowest temperature, the electrodes were better at reducing nitric oxide than oxygen. At higher temperatures, the
more » ... mperatures, the activity for the reduction of oxygen and nitric oxide became similar. The activation energies for the reduction of oxygen and nitric oxide were markedly different for LaMnO3+δ and PrMnO3+δ whereas it was similar for SmMnO3+δ and GdMnO3+δ.
doi:10.1155/2020/4013697 fatcat:p25da7kr3bam7kn3qcjvqdaji4