Consequences of Microwave Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure on Germination and Free Proline Content of Green Gram and Red Bean

Saima Ibrahim, Yasra Bashir, Salma Zaki, Samia Mehmood, Umul Mustafa, Afreen Khanum, Kainat Ishtiaq, Fabiha Maheen, Amber Rehmat
2020 RADS Journal of Biological Research & Applied Science  
Plants are crucial key component of well-formed ecosystem and have significant role in the living world, therefore, it would be helpful to scrutinize their interaction with variable radio and microwave frequency fields. Objectives: A laboratory test was conducted in October 2018 in the Department of Botany, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi to investigate the microwave radiation influence on plant development, and clarify the mechanisms of energy exchange and stimulation of plant
more » ... The experiment was laid down at completely randomize design to evaluate the effect of microwave electromagnetic radiation at different durations of time on seed germination and free proline content (stress indicators) in Green Gram (Vigna radiata. L) and Red Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris. L) seedlings. Methodology: Seeds were treated with three different time periods of microwave radiation (5, 15 & 30sec). Control seeds were not treated. Results: The analysis of obtained data showed that the differential exposure of microwave had significant effect on germination rate, germination percentage and free proline content of both plants. The exposed electromagnetic radiation improved the germination rate in both types of seed along with improved germination percentages. Proline contents of both plants also markedly responded with electromagnetic radiation and proved themselves a responsive stress indicator with differential radiation exposures. Conclusion: The 15sec exposure of microwave radiation enhanced germination in Green Gram seeds, while 30sec exposure improved Red Bean seed germination along with breaking dormancy effect of hard seed coat. Therefore, the technique provides a quick and effective method of treatment especially for the seeds having an impermeable seed coat. In final conclusion, the 15 Second exposure of microwave radiation enhance germination in green gram seeds while 30 Second exposures improve red bean seed germination along with breaking dormancy effect of hard seed coat. Therefore, th [...]
doi:10.37962/jbas.v11i1.197 doaj:1e6885a4faf14af7bb61057009c2aeff fatcat:ahrscqjkhbeirb536bturw57im