Nanostructured Multilayer Composite Coatings for Cutting Tools [chapter]

Sergey Grigoriev, Alexey Vereschaka, Marina Volosova, Caterina Sotova, Nikolay Sitnikov, Filipp Milovich, Nikolay Andreev
2020 Ceramic Materials [Working Title]  
The chapter deals with the specific features concerning the application of wear-resistant coatings to improve the performance properties of ceramic cutting tools. The paper discusses the theoretical background associated with the specific operation conditions and wear of ceramic cutting tools and influencing the choice of the compositions and structures of wear-resistant coatings. The studies were focused on the application of the Ti-(Ti,Al)N-(Zr,Nb,Ti,Al)N multilayer composite coating with a
more » ... te coating with a nanostructured wear-resistant layer, as well as the (Cr,Al,Si)N–(DLC–Si)–DLC–(DLC–Si) and (Cr,Al,Si)N–DLC composite coatings in order to improve the cutting properties of ceramic tools. The chapter presents the results of the comparative cutting tests for the tools with the coatings under study, uncoated tools, and tools with the Ti-(Ti,Al)N commercial coating. The wear mechanisms typical for ceramic cutting tools with coatings of various compositions have been investigated.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.94363 fatcat:j2guodngzrdprjaahaywrb5an4