Human component characterisation of old palm date's farms under sustainability development policy framework in Algeria, case of Ouargla region (Oued M'ya)

Zineb Djelfaoui, Saida Kebaili, Samuel Sandoval Solis, Saida Chaouch
2022 International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research  
Algerian old palm dates plantations are a critical component of the oasis's sustainability and the lives of its residents. This research aims to identify the human component characteristics of farmers in the Ouargla region, which is one of the key factors of this heritage's sustainability. Data gathering is based on a semi-open survey of 102 farmers that addresses several facets of this component. Capillon and Manichon's farms analysis approach is used to conduct a descriptive study of
more » ... s describing farmers, as well as the independence test for statistical analysis. Results show that, 63.72% of the sample exceeded 60 years of age, and farmers' academic level was modest. According to the investigations, agriculture is main activity for 61.9%, they have another financial source, their retirement. Also, despite the strong limit of public financial assistance which is only for some structuring actions, 55.4% of farmers plan to improve their production. It should be noted that 40% of farmers want agriculture for their children, and this is more socio-cultural than economic considerations. Statistical analysis confirms dependence between farmer's age and the academic level; the current main activity and also that's of future, thus ensuring possible generational transferability This shows great expectations of strong chance to inter-generational transmission of this heritage.
doi:10.15739/ijapr.22.011 fatcat:cdakzpuaq5hsjame5z36e26yia