Tibialis Posterior Tenosinovitis with non tubercular rice body formation due to retained thorn – A Rare Case Report

Sanjay Kumar Thakur
2019 International journal of orthopaedics traumatology and surgical sciences  
Tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction presents one of the most challenging problems that a foot and ankle specialist faces. This case report represents a very unusual presentation of retained thorn in the tendon of tibialis posterior with its management. Case presentation: A sixteen years old boy presented with H/O thorn prick injury to left ankle joint on medial side 3 months back while playing. He complain of pain and swelling on medial side of left ankle joint. He was treated at local
more » ... ted at local hospital but pain and swelling partially subsided for initial 4 weeks. Then gradually pain and swelling increases over a period of 3 months. Patient was investigated (X-rays, CT Scan, MRI left ankle joint) and diagnosed as Tibialis Posterior Tenosinovitis following retained 1.5cm long thorn piercing the tendon. Surgically retained thorn was removed. Rice bodies removed from the tendon sheath found to be non tuberculous. Discussion: Tibialis posterior tenosinovitis along with rice body formation due to retained thorn following thorn prick injury is a very rare case. Mechanical irritation leading to chronic sinovitis due to thorn was responsible for the tibialis posterior tenosinovitis and non tuberculous rice body formation. In this case, surgically removing the thorn made patient symptom free and no recurrence till 5 years followup. Conclusion: Posterior tibial tendon tenosynovitis is now a recognized
doi:10.47618/ijotss/v5i2.1 fatcat:6vwjzeax5bdupi43jydj5vz6he